Magnetometry SRF

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Please acknowledge EPSRC grant EP/R042594/1 in any papers where the MPMS-3 has been used to collect data.

The Inorganic Materials Characterisation facility provides training to allow users to conduct their own SQUID magnetometry measurements and support for interpreting their data. Access is open to members of the Chemistry department and is open to external researchers on request. Contact the facility supervisor, Dr Simon Cassidy, to arrange training or discuss measurements.


Changes have been made to the running of the squid facility to minimise user overlap, avoid and clear surface contamination. There is a maximum occupancy in CG1 of two people, but only one person may enter CG1 to use the squids at any one time. One person may supervise the user if necessary, while keeping at least 2 metres apart, and while not exceeding the room’s maximum occupancy of 2.

Allocation of time is now in 23 hour slots, beginning at 11am and ending at 10am the following day, or Monday following a Weekend. Users may only arrive after 11am on the day of their booking to use the instrument. They must collect their sample and take it away with them before 10am on the day following their booking. The room is accessible during the opening hours of the building. Signup is now conducted through a shared calendar. Invitation to the calendar can be arranged by emailing the facility supervisor. Internal users may book directly, external users should contact the facility supervisor to request time.

The bench and surrounding surfaces are to be kept clear at all times. Anything that you bring to the room must be taken away with you when you leave the room (not just at the end of your time), with the exception of a label for your sample. You must wash your hands before entering and after exiting the room. The room surfaces will be cleaned by the facility supervisor between 10 and 11am prior to a new user arriving. This is including the benchtop sample preparation area, mice, keyboards, instrument buttons and levers, door handles and sample rods. Disinfectant spray is available for use, users are encouraged to wipe down the surfaces after use but strongly discouraged from cleaning the instrument, computers, or sample rods by themselves. If they feel it necessary to clean any of these items, they should contact the facility supervisor immediately.